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Bank of America Denver, CO (800)763-4820
Product Rate Fees Points Lock APR P&I Updated
Chase MortgageMail Code OH4-7302, P.O. Box 24696, Denver, CO 80265(800)873-6577
Product Rate Fees Points Lock APR P&I Updated
Emery Federal Credit Union(510)530-9351
Product Rate Fees Points Lock APR P&I Updated
Home Equity -
30 Year Fixed
4.500% 2,913 0.00 30 4.600% $1,266.71 1/18/2017
Wells Fargo1700 Lincoln St 10th Floor, Denver, CO (877)937-9357NMLS# 399801
Product Rate Fees Points Lock APR P&I Updated
First Lenders Mortgage Corporation
85 Bagby Dr, Ste 204,
Birmingham AL - 35209

Salter Mortgage Group
2800 Greystone Commercial Boulevard, Suite 5A
Birmingham AL - 35242

Suntrust Mortgage
2100 Southbridge Pkwy, # 250,
Birmingham AL - 35209


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Interest (%)
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Annual Property Taxes
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Financial Analysis
Monthly Payment $1,247.74
Monthly Property Taxes $250.00
Monthly Insurance $125.00
Loan to Value 80.000%
Months with PMI 0
Monthly PMI $0.00
Total Monthly Payment $1,622.74

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Your APR will vary based on your final loan amount and finance charges. All lenders will, upon application, provide you with an estimate applicable to federal laws.