All About Your Credit History

1) Your credit score affects everything.

2) Are lender inquiries hurting my credit score?

3) Is my credit really that bad?

4) How do I improve my credit score or FICO score quickly?

5) How do I read my credit report?

6) How do I get my credit reports, which way is best?

7) Do FICO scores really matter that much?

8) Is my credit bad?

9) Does damaged credit or bad credit mean I have a low score?

10)How bad is my credit really?

11)How much more will bad credit really cost me?

12)How do improve my credit?

Buying a Home

1) How do I buy a house before I sell?

2) How much house can you afford?

3) Should I assume the seller's mortgage?

4) Should unmarried partners buy a house?

5) Top 10 home buying mistakes.

6) Is there a diference between qualifying and approval?


1) Can refinancing at a higher rate make sense?

2) How often can I refinance?

3) Should you refinance with your current lender?

4) I think I should consolidate debt, but how do I do it?

5) Consider consolidating your other debt by using home equity.

6) Should you use a 3 day right of rescission after you close a refinance?

Choosing a lender

1) Brokers vs. Lenders- Are brokers or lenders better?

2) What is a subprime lender?

3) Why does my loan need to go subprime?

4) Could I qualify for an FHA loan?

5) Is there a prepayment penalty? Is it soft or hard?...

6) Are lender payments to my lender ethical?

7) Can I trust rate quotes?

8) How do I find an ethical mortgage or loan provider?

9) How to spot an unethical lender?

10)Start by scrutinizing what your lender is saying.

11)Choosing an Ethical Lender: Spotting Predatory Lenders

12)Home loan scams.

13)What are truths in lending laws?

14)What lies might I hear?

Getting the best deal

1) How do I compare loans?

2) How do I know if the closing costs and lenders fees are fair?

3) How do I know if the fees are fair?

4) Is rate or APR more important?

5) Should I accept a loan with a prepayment penalty?

6) What is a "GFE"?

7) What mistakes do shoppers make?

8) When does it make sense to pay points?

9) Helping your lender help you avoid foreclosure?

10)How do I cancel PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)?

11)When is early payoff a good investment?

Locaking Rates

11)When is early payoff a good investment?

2) What is a Rate Lock, and What Does It Cover?

3) When to Lock?

4) Do I Have Any Recourse When My "GFE" Goes Bad?

5) Choosing a subprime loan

6) How do I choose the best subprime loan?

7) Should I consolidate my debts?

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