All About CheckRates

CheckRates is About One Thing – Saving You Money!

Our staff of credit and service contract professionals examine the fine print for you. We read between the lines and if we still have questions, we call the company, the lender, the dish provider or cellular service company and ask the questions you’d ask.

Our offerings of mortgage products, credit card deals, insurances of all kinds, school loans, cell and satellite dish packages are the best available. We make sure of that first hand.

But more than that, we educate consumers on using credit wisely and how to become a smarter consumer of these goods and services. You can count on CheckRates to deliver the best terms and the greatest cost-savings on all you consumer loan needs – health, auto, long-term care, mortgage money, tuition for school – if you have to borrow money or sign up for a two-year contract, you want to check CheckRates before making a move.

Become a better consumer, a more savvy borrower and a better-informed negotiator.

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Denver, CO 80222
Phone - (720) 526-2265

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