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In today’s advanced technology world, most people are using cell phones regularly. Earlier the cell phones were restricted to the affluent class or to businessmen. But now with further improvements many companies have come up with cell phones that have affordable monthly plans.

 Nowadays cell phones are very a important utility which we use regularly in our day to day life. We carry cell phones with us all the time. Mobile phones are very useful, easy to handle and convenient to stay connected with the world. They help us to stay in touch with our near and dear ones. Today, instant mobile messaging has become a rave which will probably never become unpopular.
Apart from the basic and prominent use of communication the cell phones come with a lot of features. Some of the cell phones are equipped with high resolution cameras which are comparable to those of some high tech digital cameras. This gives us the privilege of taking snapshots at a single click. The photos may not be very sharp and clear on the low resolution displays of some mobile phones but can be viewed clearly on the computer from where they can be printed. The photos can also be stored on the computer for long periods so that they can be used later.
Cell phones have also become a source of entertainment which keeps us from getting bored. It is simply amazing an quite true that cell phones are the best things that have ever been invented. Some of the models of mobile phones even have built in radio to keep us company. The higher end mobiles come equipped with external memory slot in which memory cards can be inserted to store data. Some of the phones have the capacities up to 20 gigabytes which can really make you wonder if this is what computers have evolved into. Memory cards can be loaded with songs, videos and even movies. Some of the cell phones are GPRS enabled. GPRS enables the user to connect to the internet at very low costs and surf the net just like we do on the computer.
Apart from this the phones are equipped with plenty of office tools like:
  • Calculator: To make calculations on the go.
  • Alarm: To help you wake up in time just like the trusted alarm clock in the house
  • Scheduler: To keep track of all your appointments
  • News: Provides you up-to date information on the latest happenings
These features have made the cell phones very popular among the masses. Gaming is another feature which endears the cell phone to the teenagers and even some adults. With many more companies entering the mobile gaming foray it seems cell phones are here to stay.
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